Get MetaCPAN to reference GitHub for Source and Issue Tracking

In Makefile.PL add the eval code

  'Test::More' => '0',
(eval { ExtUtils::MakeMaker->VERSION(6.46)} ? (META_MERGE => {
    'meta-spec' => { version => 2 },
  resources => {
    repository => {
      type => 'git',
      url => '',
      web => '',
    bugtracker => {
      web => '',
    homepage => '',
  : ()

Moving Site from GitHub

Generate the redirects for all pages

Hi All, So yesterday I decided to move my site from to one of my personal domains. I am not sure why I decided this. I mean Github provides a great free service. And I had lots of automation in place. In this article I will just cover how i went about updating all pages with redirects from github to the new domain. The Goal My goal was to leave my old site up on GitHub for a few weeks to give Google some time to update its indexing. [Read More]

Push to GitHub Triggers Push to Remote

Hi. Today I would like to go over how I changed things up a bit and am now able to push my site updates to GitHub, which then pushes the updates to the live production server. This should allow me to add checks within GitHub to ensure my site it updated only if everything is correct. Though I won’t go into that here today. I will be focusing on the GitHub Action. [Read More]

Auto Update Site from a Git Push

Pushing directly from Dev Server to Remote Production Server


For a little while now I have been thinking about moving my personal blog to a self-hosted service. One of the options I have been considering is Linode.

As part of this idea. I wanted to see how I might be able to automate some of the processes. This is just a write up on one of my ideas so far.

[Read More]

Private Hugo Repo to Public on Github

I was researching ways of moving to Hugo for my site generator. I looked at a few options and as part of this I came a cross a workflow in github that allows me to store my site in a private repo and then publish the site to a public repo without too much fuss.

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