Send a notification through LINE with AppDaemon with Home Assistant

The challenge

Living in Japan we generally default to using LINE for our messaging needs. At the time of this writing there is no integration for LINE within Home Assistant. Currently I use PushOver for some of my Home Assistant notifications. I also use Zapier with email to trigger notifications to my family LINE group. You can see how I did this here and here.

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Use launchd instead of crontab on your Mac

As of Mac OS 10.4 crontab has been depreciated but not ended. So its a good idea to know how to use its replacement under Mac OS. Welcome to Launchd. This will be a short guide on how to use launchd in a simple form to replace a crontab job. In my case I am automating the backup of my Plex server. You can see my previous article here Launchd has a lot of other features. [Read More]