Swift: Deconstruct SPF Getting Started

Learning Swift by trying to make a simple project

In my previous series “Learning Rust”. I decided to attempt to learn some fairly basic rust concepts and constructs by working on a fairly simple project. This seemed to go fairly well. So I am now going to attempt to work on the same project, but this time, using Swift.

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Deconstructing SPF Records with Rust

Hi. If you have visited my blog before you might have seen my series on using the trust-dns-resolver crate. As part of that series I looked at querying DNS TXT records. During the process I was reminded of SPF records. Something I used to deal with in a previous position. And this got me to thinking about using SPF records as a way to learn more about working with rust.

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MX and Host lookup using the trust-dns-resolver Crate

I used to often work with DNS in one of my previous jobs. So I have always had a long running interesting in DNS. Most recently I have been looking into Rust. I wanted to see how easy it might be to use rust to access DNS records, one; because rust is said to be fast, and also because it’s a safe programming language.

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