Generic Regex Match Function Multiple Groups

If you have read my previous posts; you might know I am currently working on a new project to move some services to a self-hosted solution. As part of this, I have been working on dealing with unicode characters in regex.

In relation to this I have found that I am writing the same function repeatedly. The only difference being the number matches being returned. So I decided we need to refactor this.

Here is my solution

def findMatches(string, regex) -> dict:
    This is a generic matching function.
    Warning! Your regex expression MUST use 'Named Groups' -> (:P<name>) or
    this function will return an empty dictionary
    :param string: The text you are searching
    :type string: str
    :param regex: The regular expression string you are using to search
    :type regex: str
    :returns: A dictionary of named key/value pairs. The key value is derived \
    from (:P<name>)
    :returns: None is returned if No match is found.
    :rtype: dict
    :rtype: None
    matcher = re.compile(regex, re.UNICODE)
    match = matcher.match(string)
    if match:
        matches = dict()
        for key in match.groupdict():
            matches[key] =
        return matches
    # No Matches
    return None

It takes two arguments. The string to be searched and the regex to be used. I go through the basic process of making the re object and do the match. I then go over match objects dictionary and get the name of the keys. I use these keys to make a simple dictionary object storing the matching key, value pairs.

No more writing the same basic function repeatedly.

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